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Lori Shipulski

Regional Manager Upper Valley

NH 069137 | VT 081.0119071
Hanover, NH -  603.643.8822 / Londonderry, NH -  603.434.2377

A little bit about Lori: Lori brings a deep-rooted love and comprehensive knowledge of the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont to her work as a Realtor. After 25 years living, working, and raising three members of Red Sox Nation here, Lori can not only connect you with a great building inspector or general contractor, she can put you in touch with just about anybody you need. Need to find a great hairstylist? Lori knows several. Want to know the best spots for mountain biking or rock climbing, or where to see a show or visit an art gallery? Lori can point the way. Looking to volunteer or learn to knit or join a theater group? Lori can help with that, too. Her aim is to empower you to find your place. In this era of fast-paced sales and powerful technology, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that while real estate is big business, at its heart, it is an interaction between people and building relationships. "For me, real estate isn't just a transaction. It's not about buyers and sellers; it's about people and their families, connections, and community." But she's also got the chops to get you the best deal possible. As a residential property specialist, Lori's expertise with online marketing and market data analysis perfectly positions her to serve buyers and sellers. In her seven+ years as a Realtor, Lori led a team of over 100 New Hampshire and Vermont Realtors. This experience provided her with an in-depth understanding of the best practices and strategies to assist buyers and sellers in their real estate journey. Lori's approach is personalized to each client as she guides them to navigate the obstacles that come with buying and selling real estate. A lifelong resident of New England, with connections that go beyond New Hampshire and Vermont, Lori has a passion for using her positive energy to strengthen, expand, and share the network in the Upper Valley community, helping others to live and enjoy the UV life!

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