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Hanover, NH

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About Joseph

Joe Fidler has spent the last 3 years calling New Hampshire home where he’s fallen in love with the gorgeous terrain, crystal clear lakes, fantastic mountain views, hiking trails and majestic sea coast. But to him, it’s the sense of community and wonderful people that make New Hampshire truly beautiful. 
Having previously spent over a decade in Los Angeles as a stuntman for television and movies, Joe’s outlook on life is defined by his passion to chase his dreams. He considers himself very lucky to currently be pursuing the most fulfilling dream of all: being a father and having settled in the best possible state to live and raise children - New Hampshire. 
Earning a degree in Early Childhood Education, Joe taught first grade in Canal Winchester, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio from 2005-2009. In his final year of teaching, Joe was chosen to be the school district’s Grade Level Representative, overseeing 12 first-grade classrooms. Once in Hollywood, Joe quickly established himself as a talented stunt performer; his reputation within the industry, attention to detail, and strong leadership skills led to him being promoted to a Stunt Coordinator, overseeing his department and reporting directly to Producers and other department heads.
Joe purchased his first home in 2005 as he started his teaching career and sold in 2009 to move to the West Coast to pursue his dream of working in Hollywood. Those transactions were Joe’s first experience with Real Estate and the process of buying and selling and as a young man in his 20s, was struck by how overwhelming and emotional the process could get and though the sale went through, was disappointed by the lack of personal care and guidance he received. 
Joe’s perception changed when he and his wife had the opportunity to work with a fantastic realtor who facilitated the sale of their West Hollywood condo for $85k over asking in 2015, blowing the neighborhood’s comps out of the water - and was in awe of how she guided the process through appraisal and ensured the deal closed. When it came time to buy a home for their young family in Toluca Lake with the same broker, Joe realized that in real estate, the relationship between Agent and Client are a precious thing. A truly great real estate agent maintains trust with the client by keeping the client informed through the process and aware of each stage of the transaction, does so with patience and empathy, and oversees every detail to ensure the deal gets to closing. 
Joe has now been on the buying or selling side of a half dozen transactions in his personal real estate endeavors and credits both lackluster and positive experiences for showing him what it takes to be great in this industry. 
With Joe, you get the grit and perseverance of a Hollywood stuntman combined with the patience of a first grade teacher who knows how to keep the train on the tracks when things go awry. But more importantly, you get a family man who understands how powerful it is to feel like you’ve finally found your home. He would love to help you find yours.


Joe was such a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to get all of our questions answered. He made sure the process from start to finish went smoothly and was quick to resolve any issues/concerns that came up.

- Michelle T

Joe did a fantastic job, just as I expected.