The Benefits of City Living In New Hampshire

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   Some of the greatest advantages of living in New Hampshire is are the wide variety of cities, small towns, and beautiful natural scenery. If you’re looking for Real Estate in NH but don’t want to give up your city lifestyle, there’s plenty of options for you. These cities offer some of the Granite State’s biggest assets, with the bustling opportunities of a metropolis. Here are some of the major benefits of these popular New Hampshire cities. 

Nashua, New Hampshire

   Nashua was listed on the 100 best places to live in America list in 2021. It’s a mid-size city that’s perfect for young professionals, families, or commuters looking to save money with affordable living. The property taxes are lower than Massachusetts, and residents don’t have to pay state income or sales tax. Nashua, NH homes for sale are highly sought after, and most locals own their homes in the city. If you live in Nashua, you’ll have convenient access to restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. It’s only a 45-minute drive to Boston, and plenty of big cities in surrounding areas, making Nashua a great place to settle down. If you’re looking for REALTORS® in Nashua, NH they’ll be able to show you all the hot spots to live in this riverside town. 

Keene, New Hampshire

   Keene, NH homes for sale offer great opportunities for city lovers with all of the Granite State’s benefits. According to Niche, Keene was ranked as the 12th most diverse place to live in New Hampshire. Keene has a vibrant downtown with restaurants, shops, and local activities. The city has plenty of outdoor entertainment like biking, hiking, beautiful lakes, and skiing in the winter. This nature-filled town attracts a younger demographic and established families with it’s rich historic culture. Keene, NH homes for sale offer easy access to Central Square, Colonial Theater, and recreational parks in the area. There’s a wide variety of career opportunities and city benefits available in Keene.

Concord, New Hampshire

   The capital of New Hampshire is bursting with activities, history, and family-friendly fun year round. Concord has the perfect mix of nature and city life that make it highly desirable for residents. Concord, NH homes for sale are ideal for anyone looking to live in the heart of the state. On a stroll down Main Street, you’ll find a plethora of local restaurants, shops and historic buildings. Go kayaking on the lakes during the summer and wind down with Concord’s nightlife. You can grab specialty cocktails and see a film at the Red River Theater. The capital is perfect for young professionals seeking new career opportunities. It showcases a vibrant art scene and easy access to surrounding cities in the state. 

Manchester, New Hampshire

   Manchester is the largest metropolitan area in New Hampshire with various city benefits. There’s multiple colleges and universities in the area that welcome a young demographic and bustling lifestyle. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges that allow residents to indulge in scenic New Hampshire views. US News ranked Manchester as the 67th best place to live, and the 6th best place to reside in terms of safety. Manchester NH, homes for sale offer plenty of opportunities for year-round entertainment. The city is known for the quality and diversity of it’s restaurants, so your tastebuds will never get bored living in this vibrant location. 

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

   Portsmouth is a historic seaport city in Rockingham County and a popular tourist destination due to its plentiful activities. If you’re looking for city living, Portsmouth is the perfect place where you can park your car and spend the day exploring stores, restaurants, and cafes. Portsmouth is considered one of the safest areas for children and families, and hosts a lot of loyal residents. If you are interested in living by the seacoast in New Hampshire, Portsmouth is a great spot to check out. There’s history and culture interwoven everywhere you turn. 

   Overall, there’s plenty of versatile and diverse cities in New Hampshire. You can maintain your city lifestyle while being immersed in natural scenery and historical buildings. If you’re interested in moving to a city in the Granite State, narrow down your choices by picturing your ideal environment, cost margin, and demographic. 

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