Three Best Lake Towns in New Hampshire

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best lake towns to live in new hampshire

There are some big selling points to New Hampshire, the four distinctive seasons, the stunning foliage, gorgeous white mountains, a small, but vibrant seacoast, and of course the state’s very popular Lakes Region. New Hampshire’s Lakes Region draws in thousands of tourists and vacationers to enjoy the stunning lakes, sunshine, and beautiful lakeside towns. Now, you truly can’t go wrong with any lake town in NH, but we have narrowed down some of our very top favorites. So if you’re searching for some lake property in New Hampshire, we have four of our favorite waterfront towns to check out.


Meredith, NH

First up we have Meredith, NH, one of the state's largest lake towns. Located on the shorelines of Lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith is home to a little over 6,000 residents. This town is filled with charm and beautiful views, especially from its popular downtown. There you can find tons of local shops, restaurants, and activities. Take a stroll along the boardwalk and take in the views of Meredith Bay and the mountains beyond.

The housing market in Meredith, NH is also a bit of a draw as well. For a popular lake town in NH, the home prices are a little more affordable than you might think. This NH lake town has an average home value of $394,000, making a lakeside oasis more obtainable.


Wolfeboro, NH

Referred to as the “Jewel of Lake Winnipesaukee”, Wolfeboro, NH is one of the most sought-after communities in the Lakes Region. Spread over 59 square miles and home to a little over 6,000 residents, this waterfront town is the epitome of the perfect retreat. With a vibrant downtown and its claim to fame of “The Oldest Summer Resort in America”, Wolfeboro attracts tourists, outdoor enthusiasts, and seasonal residents. This NH lake town boasts about its plethora of activities to take part in, such as water activities, local shops, restaurants, museums, and parks.

The housing market in Wolfeboro has been steadily climbing year after year, with a hot market, if you’re ready to look for NH waterfront property, now is the time. With summer coming in fast, the lake is where you’ll want to be, and with an average home value at $360,000 you could have one.


Sunapee, NH

Nestled in the middle of the state lies the town of Sunapee. A small lakeside town with under 4,000 residents calling this town home, it’s truly the quiet sanctuary you’ve been searching for. This town is perfect for anyone who likes all things outdoorsy - with Mount Sunapee within town, it’s perfect for hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding. It’s also home to part of Lake Sunapee, a lake perfect for boating, kayaking, swimming, and just spending those warm, lazy summer days on.

Much like Meredith and Wolfeboro, Sunapee is a very popular NH lakeside town, attracting hundreds of tourists every year. But if you’re thinking about purchasing some waterfront real estate, Sunapee is a great place to look. With average home price values around $383,000, it’s comparable to other lake town real estate.


Holderness, NH

A small town located in Grafton county, Holderness is home to about 2,000 residents. This town is perfect for the people who want to escape to simple living and enjoy the natural beauty around them. A NH lake town filled with covered bridges, stunning views of the local Squam Lake, and a bunch of hiking trails to fuel your adventure.

Holderness, NH has grown in popularity for vacationers and the housing market has steadily increased year after year. If you’re considering buying lake property, now may be the time to start your search. With home value prices averaging around $366,000, Holderness real estate is comparable to the other lake towns. 


If you’re looking to buy lakefront real estate in New Hampshire, there’s really no town you can go wrong with. Each location offers its own unique features, amenities, and entertainment, it just all depends on what you prefer and what fits best with your needs. If you’re looking for even more New Hampshire lake town info, Verani can help. Either visit us online or call us - we have an array of New Hampshire licensed agents who know the ins and outs of the locations you’re looking at.


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