Maine Homes for Sale

Maine, the most northern point of the New England states offers 3,478 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline as well as bustling cities. This state offers a variety of homes to choose from, you can hide away in a cabin in the woods to seek solitude or settle in a beachfront home in the heart of a busy coastal town. Homes for sale in Maine drastically range in size, from 750 square feet for people who only need the bare essentials to over 3,000 square feet for those who like to spread out a bit more.

Maine has two very different geographical locations, with 83% of the state covered in forest and one of the largest coastlines in the United States, you can take your pick. The southeast region of the state is known for its beautiful sandy coastline making this area is a big attraction for vacation home owners and renters, especially in the summer months. Going more northern lies the Portland area, the largest metropolitan region in Maine, plentiful with culture and the hustle and bustle of the local people. This area is well-known for its downtown art galleries and trendy cafes. Traveling over to the western region of the state is the Maine Highlands, an alluring mix of mountains, lakes and forest. Here you will find everything beautiful that nature has to offer, with a laundry list of activities to partake in.

Maine is an outdoor lover’s paradise, from skiing the local mountains to relaxing on the picturesque coastal beaches, there is something for everyone. One of Maine’s main attractions is Acadia National Park, a park with 47,000 acres to bike, hike, run and explore. If that isn’t appealing, head over to Bangor, located in the central region of the state. They are hosts to one of the oldest state fairs in the country, luring in many fair-goers every year. Explore Maine real estate today!